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Shell Forecourt Lighting Project

On a busy filling station, adequate lighting is essential both for safety and to ensure an attractive and welcoming image for the site. Traditional lighting controllers used on filling station forecourts either switch all the lights at the same time, wasting energy, or rely on dimming techniques which can result in a dark, unattractive appearance.

InfraLight Saves Energy on 580 Shell Filling Stations

Shell recently installed Infranet Partners InfraLIGHT LonWorks® lighting controllers across 580 filling station sites in the UK and Europe. These InfraLight systems replaced a mixture of earlier-generation proprietary controllers and manual light switches.

The energy usage due to lighting on a typical station can be very significant - 10 to 15kW is not uncommon - however, a busy operator may not always notice the changing light levels and can often forget to switch lights off when not needed.

InfraLight was used to provide a solution in which eight separate channels of lighting are individually controlled according to the ambient light conditions, for an optimum balance between energy saving and visual image.

Giving Light When it's Needed - Saving Energy when it's not

On an overcast day, the illuminated signs which make the station appear warm and welcoming are lit up, whilst the canopy lights, which illuminate the pump area but consume a large amounts of energy, remain switched off until needed. Floodlights are switched on only at dusk, further reducing energy consumption. At sunrise, the lights switch off in the reverse order.

Each lighting channel may consist of several lighting circuits which are switched through contactors actuated by the InfraLIGHT controller. To ensure 'fail-safe' operation, these relays feature normally-closed contacts, ensuring that safe operation of the site is not prejudiced in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Simplified Remote Maintenance

Remote management, fault diagnosis and configuration of the system is provided by InfraSERVER embedded webservers linked via Shell's secure comms network.

By offering a remote diagnostic facility, the system allows many lighting faults to be identified before a maintenance technician visits the site, and increases the chances of a 'first-time fix' by ensuring that the technician arrives on site with appropriate parts and an understanding of the nature of the fault.

Installation was carried out by Shell's approved electrical installation contractors, remotely supported by commissioning engineers and technicians based in the Infranet Partners UK support centre.

  • Individual control of eight lighting channels with setpoints based on ambient light level.
  • Two selectable lighting scenes with timed override in case of Fog.
  • Normally-closed relays for fail-safe operation.
  • Remote management, configuration and fault diagnosis using Web-based interface.
  • Simple retrofit installation.
  • Benefits
  • Consistent, attractive visual image for all sites.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Rapid payback on investment.
  • Simplified maintenance with improved diagnostics giving improved chance of ‘first-time fix’.

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